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Welcome Council of the Great City Schools

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CGCS Presents the TransACT® EduPortal® Document Management System

EduPortal® is a web-based document management service for district administrators and staff to access important documents, resources and best practices. Members can immediately retrieve and search a custom-built repository of thousands of education-related documents such as policies, procedures, practices, forms, manuals and data with this password-protected online resource. The Eduportal also contains the Council’s work developed during its Annual Meetings with the Chief Financial Officers, Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Information Officers. This work includes performance metrics and key performance indicators.

The EduPortal uses a powerful search engine that hit highlights search terms within documents so that topics of interest can be found quickly and easily.

After you login, you will be able to access the nation’s only searchable research library including:

  • Annual Reports
  • Community and Governmental Relations
  • District Administration
  • Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Operations
  • Organization Charts and Structures
  • Personnel
  • Planning
  • Policies, Regulations and Bylaws
  • Students

Need Assistance?
Access is free to any CGCS member district. For further information, Contact Robert Carlson at 800-394-2427.

EduPortal® is a registered trademark of TransACT Communications, Inc.